In fact we are thinking about going to one of the Greek isles, there are about five or six couples involved and we are talking about renting a really nice Mykonos villas by In fact if you go to that web page you will see that they sell a bunch of really nice and really expensive estates. Obviously no one who is not some sort of millionaire could afford this sort of place on their own, but if you split up the cost enough ways there comes a point where you can afford it. We do this once a year, with all of the children it is around thirty people in all and we have not ever done it overseas before. Last year we went to a place off the North Carolina coast called Emerald Isle, which is the sort of quiet place where you have a family vacation as opposed to the beaches where college kids go to party on Spring Break. Obviously when you are a grown up you do not want to share a hotel with a bunch of drunken sophomores.

In fact we do want to go out to have dinner and a glass of wine, so we are trying to figure out which one of these places is in the best location for the idea that we have in mind. You want it to be nice and quiet when you want it to be nice and quiet, but if you want to listen to some music and go dancing you want to have that option as well. In fact we are sort of wondering if it would be possible to hire a cook to prepare meals for us. It seems like that might not be that big of a deal if you were able to find a person.