Top Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Once the wedding has done, you will need a warm and romantic to release all the stress after your wedding. In Asia, you can find top honeymoon destinations with of the wonderful scenery and unforgettable emotions for far less money than other continents like Europe or America. If you prefer calm beach time or cultural travel, these top honeymoon destinations in Asia will not let you down.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

It’s not a secret if Bali Island in Indonesia is one of the most visited islands in Asia for vacation. But, did you know that Bali is also one of the top honeymoon destinations? Bali offers exotic panorama of private beaches as well as volcanoes. The island is always busy in the summer months, but you can avoid the crowds by visiting romantic beach villas and soothing retreats surrounded by rainforests.

Some beaches in South Bali such as Legian, Sanur, or Seminyak are great places to go for honeymoon. Beach time in Bali serves you peace, serenity, and of course, romantic vibe.

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  1. . Malaysian Borneo

Borneo is a paradise for nature lovers. This world’s third biggest island is well known for its marvelous rainforest and biodiversity. You can spend your honeymoon in Borneo seeking for wildlife on trekking rainforests. Or, you can explore majestic waterfalls and relaxing on secluded beaches. Borneo has two states, Sarawak and Sabah, both separated by the Brunei Darussalam. East Sabah features outstanding scuba diving and other breathtaking adventure activities. Meanwhile, Sarawak is quieter but rich of natural attractions and culture.

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  1. . Sri Lanka

People might think Sri Lanka is not as popular as its neighboring country, India. Surprisingly, this country located in the south of India, is recommended as honeymoon destination in Asia. With rich culture, kind local people, great foods and restful natural attractions, Sri Lanka lure more and more tourists each year. Honeymoon in Sri Lanka is also cheap but meaningful.

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  1. The Maldives

Also not far from India, Maldives is the smallest country in Asia that promotes romantic vibe. This island country becomes famous honeymoon destination in Asia. Beautiful islands, scuba diving, blue waters, and serene atmosphere make Maldives a perfect destination for newlyweds. Wonderful bungalows and tons of romantic honeymoon resorts will make you and your partner want to remain here forever. Although it is relatively more expensive, Maldives will guarantee you an unforgettable lifetime experience.

maldives top honeymoon destinations asia


3 Exotic Locations You Have to Visit for Wonderful Vacation

Vacation is what people need to recharge their energy after busy working days. There are many places people can visit for vacation. Commonly, people like to visit some unique places which provides rich and different culture from their own, delicious foods, nice weather, awesome nature scenery, and plenty beautiful tourism destination. People like to visit what they call exotic destination for vacation. If you want too, we have 3 recommended exotic locations you have to visit.

The first exotic location is Bali. Bali is a world-wide famous tourism destination where people around the world love to visit. Bali is actually a small island which is located in Indonesia. Bali has a lot of beaches compiled with nice weather where people can enjoy sun bathing in daylight and having party at night. People love visiting Bali due to its rich culture and exotic places to explore.


The second exotic destination for vacation is Maldives. Maldives are a colony of islands which are located in southwest of Sri Lanka. Maldives have a lot of exotic spots around the island. Besides, people mostly call these islands as Mecca for divers. It is because Maldives have plenty diving spots where people can see amazing and exotic sea creatures, such as sharks, whale sharks, Manta rays, turtles, and many more. The weather is very nice and warm, so that it is proper for everyone to have a lot of outdoor activities both day and night. The third exotic location is Santorini. Santorini is located in the edge of Greece Island. This location is considered one of the most favorite escapes around the world. Santorini offers romantic to exotic vacation for everyone. This exotic island also provides one of the best sunsets every single day, when the weather is perfect. There are plenty beaches to visit and exotic city tours to enjoy.


Visiting exotic destination for vacation can be a great choice for your next holiday. By doing so, you will get unique feeling and sensation you have never got before. Commonly, the best exotic destinations on earth provide very nice weather and plenty beautiful spots to explore.