Find the Best Hotels in Bali

When you have a plan to come to Bali, there are so many hotels in Bali that you can find. Although you can find lots of hotels, you must be careful in choosing best hotel. When you choose bad hotel then you will not be able to enjoy your holiday in Bali. For all of you who are looking for best and luxury hotel in Bali, you can come to The St. Regis Bali Resort. This hotel and resort is the best luxury resort in Bali for you. You need to read the detail information about this hotel before you book this hotel.

You will be able to easy come to this hotel because this hotel is one of famous hotels in Bali. In this hotel, you can find 79 suites and also 42 villas that you can choose. There are two best restaurants that you can choose. When you stay in this hotel, you should not miss the French Spa in this hotel because this spa is best spa in Bali. The interior and exterior designs of this hotel are attractive. The designs are combining traditional Indonesia design and color, material and also western furnishings. You will be able to see green Garden of Eden in this hotel too.


There are some people who recommend you to come and stay in this hotel because you can enjoy best food like dim sum and other seafood menu. You can enjoy dramatic views from your room anytime you want. Although there are some of strengths that you can find from this hotel, you can find the weaknesses from this hotel. There are some people who tell that this hotel is very expensive. If you don’t think that the price is too expensive, you don’t need to worry to stay in this hotel. You can book this hotel from online now. You can also find some other hotels in Bali in some sites.