How to Visit and Enjoy Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia

You never need to go to some foreign countries to find best tourism place because Indonesia offers you so many destinations with wonderful views too. Most international tourists come and visit Indonesia because they know that Indonesia has lots of recommended places to visit. You don’t need to always visit Bali because Bali is not the only wonderful island in Indonesia. You can visit Raja Ampat Island. Most people from foreign countries have already known about this island. This island is wonderful island in West of Papua. This place is well known because this place offers the best place for diving. That is why so many people come to this island to enjoy underwater life in Raja Ampat. If you have a plan to visit Raja Ampat Island too, you better know how to visit and enjoy Raja Ampat Island in maximum way. There will be some tips and information for you.


If you want to visit and enjoy Raja Ampat Island, you must know where to stay when you are in Raja Ampat, how to reach Raja Ampat, what to do in Raja Ampat and some other things. Raja Ampat offers you spectacular underwater views that you will never see in other places. All people who like to do diving will really feel like they are in the heaven. Although this place is suitable for diving, you who want to enjoy above the surface view never need to worry because there will be wonderful view too to capture in Raja Ampat.


When we talk about where to stay, you can find some hotels in Raja Ampat. Visiting and staying in hotels near Raja Ampat will make you pay higher price so you better prepare your money before you go there. It is good to book hotel where you will stay during your trip in Raja Ampat earlier to get lower price. There are some famous resorts that you can choose such as Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat dive Lounge, Missol Eco Resort and also Sorido Bay Resort. After you know where to stay, you also need to know what to do in Raja Ampat. You will not only enjoy Raja Ampat by diving but you can also go trekking, see the fantastic fauna and flora in local forest. You can also try to do sea kayaking in this island. When the best time to go to Raja Ampat? You will be able to visit and enjoy Raja Ampat Island in the best time. Your best time is from May to September because there is no rain.