Jayawijaya Mountains: A Place Where You Can See Snow in Indonesia

Indonesia has long been known as a tropical country. This makes it quite impossible for this country to have snow pouring down as found in winter that usually happen in 4-season countries. Even if it is so, do you know that there in fact a place where you can see a real snow in this country? If you do not really know about this, the place that is meant previously is no other else but Jayawijaya Mountains that are located in New Guinea. In this mountains area, it is known that the highest point is located in a mountain pass that is known with the name of Puncak Mandala. It has been calculated that the height is approximately 4.760 above seas level.

One thing that you have to know about JayawijayaMountains is that it is a perfect place to visit by those who love mountain climbing. The reason is of course because the real beauty of it can be seen only if you climb it. Besides, climbing is the only way that you can do in order to witness the real snow of these mountains. It is the truth that not all parts of these mountains are covered with snow but only some parts of it, which are usually located at the above. At this point of time, it can be said that the amount of snow in these mountains is not as many as it was. The cause is because it is affected by the heat caused by global warming.


If you are a person who always gain interest in having a natural vacation and at the same time mountain climbing is an activity that you do quite a lot, choosing JayawijayaMountains as your next vacation destination might be a great decision. This is even greater because of the fact that the snow that you will be able to see there is in fact an eternal snow. It means that the snow does not only exist in winter or cold season as in 4-season countries but will always be available there. In other words, it can be said that you can really visit the mountains whenever you have time too.

There is no need for you to wait till winter or cold season because these are basically the seasons that do not really exist in Indonesia as tropical country. After you climb the mountains, you can also spend time in enjoying the exotic of New Guinea or visiting other places that are located around it. For example, there are Raja Ampat Islands that are also located in the area of New Guinea. These are also a well-known place that must be visited when you come to Indonesia.