Komodo Island: A Perfect Exotic Vacation Destination You Have to Choose Next

If you are now planning for your next exotic vacation, there is actually an island that is included in the area of Indonesia that you choose as your next destination. The name of the island is Komodo Island. The name of this island is given because of the fact that it is also the natural habitat of Komodo, which is also known as Komodo dragon, a species of lizard in a very large size, which is also known to be an-almost-extinct-animal. This reptile is not only almost extinct but it is actually also an ancient species that can still be found on earth right now. That is why when you visit this island, you may not forget to visit the national park because you can see the Komodo directly there. There is no need to worry because there will be guide that will always accompany you in seeing Komodo.


Spending an exotic vacation in Komodo Island is not only interested because of the fact that you can get more knowledge about Komodo and see this species directly. This island is also well-known because of the fascinating beauty of its beaches. These are not only adorned with white sands but also the breathtaking view of the blue ocean in which some mountains and small islands can be seen. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty perfectly, it is so much better for you to visit the island in summer time. This way, you can enjoy the heat and of course the beauty views from the island freely without having to get wet because of rain.


Talking about beach, there is in fact a really interesting beach that you may not forget to visit when you are in an exotic vacation in Komodo Island. The beach is more popular to be called as the Pink Beach because the sand that can be found in that area is not black or white in color but pink. In all over the world, there are only few pink beaches that can be found and it is one of them. Therefore you may not forget visiting it when you are in Komodo. There, you will not only be able to spend some romantic time walking of the seashore but you can also do some water activities. One of the best is snorkeling that can be done perfectly in the really clear sea water that this beach has.