How to Visit and Enjoy Travel to Komodo Island, Indonesia

Do you have a plan to visit Indonesia? There will be some tourism places that you can visit. You are free to choose whether you like to enjoy nature, history, culinary, shopping and some other things. If you come to Indonesia, you better visit one of seven wonders in the world, Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Today there are so many people come to Indonesia because they want to see Komodo dragon directly. Although Komodo Island is famous because of the Komodo, you still can do some other activities and you can see more things in this place. This place is wonderful place because you can see the amazing underwater life, no pollution and some other things. Before you come to Komodo Island, you better know some tips to visit and enjoy travel to Komodo Island here.

First you need to know where to stay when you are in Komodo Island.  There are some places to stay and you can book hotel earlier because in high season, you will not get best hotel that you like when you book it late. You can choose high rate hotel or low rate hotel based on your budget. There are some people recommend you to stay in Gardena Hotel. Why people choose this hotel as best hotel? This hotel is simple and very cheap hotel. If you like expensive or luxury resort, you can choose to rent villa in Labuan Bajo.


Second when you like to visit and enjoy travel to Komodo Island, you must know what to do in this island. There are activities that you can do in this island. You can enjoy Komodo Island by going trekking in this island hills and also Kelimutu volcano mount. If you don’t like to go trekking, you can also see the wonderful Komodo dragon that you can’t find and see in some other countries. You can also see and explore more this island. You can take one day trip cruise to enjoy snorkeling that you want. After you know some activities to do in this island, you must know when the best time to come to this island too.


You will be able to visit and enjoy travel to Komodo Island when you come and visit in dry season or from April to December. If you like to come in rainy season or from January to March, it is okay too but you can’t enjoy some activities in rainy season. Now, you can prepare your backpack or luggage to visit Komodo Island soon.