The Prehistoric Travelling in Komodo Island

Indonesia is a great country with various wonderful landscapes. This country consists of thousand islands which have its own characteristic and wonders. Traveling in Komodo Island can be your next destination because it is categorized as the most visited tourism resort in the world. Komodo as its local species becomes the nomination of seven wonders because this is the oldest prehistoric species which still exists in the earth.

Travelling in Komodo Island will offer you with many traveling experience which can only find in this place. Actually, Komodo Island is a natural park which saves Komodo from its extinction. Komodo dragon is a rest of prehistoric age. This rare fauna is the world’s giant lizard which has been existed since thousand years ago. It can grow up to 3.5 meters long. This is a carnivore that will have other animals like buffalo, chicken, and deer as its prey. This will be a big experience for you to see the living prehistoric creature. In exploring the Komodo Island, you have to deal with these following rules. Firstly, you are not required to be alone; the guide has to be always with you. Then, you are not allowed to feed the Komodo because it will be aggressive while hungry. When you are tracking, you have to equip yourself with shoes and two-branched stick. This stick will be your weapon and protection from the aggressive komodo. Next, smoking and flaming are not allowed.


Most of the Komodo Island landscape is savanna which can be easily burned. The sensation of tracking and adventure in Komodo Island will be exciting. You must be safe and happy as long as you obey the rules. There are many other sides that can you exploit its wonder besides have tracking. The Komodo Island has a beautiful and unique beach named Pantai Merah. In Indonesia term, Pantai Merah means the red beach. It can be said as the red beach because it has red colored sand. There are only 7 beaches in the world with this color. You can do snorkeling, diving, or just having fun in this beach. You are required to have snorkeling because there are many colorful fish species that will greet you warmly. The 260 corals and 70 sponge species makes your snorkeling view becomes so wonderful. Other beautiful beaches that can you explore in this island are Batu Bolong and Tattawa.


Besides having pleasure, there are many kinds of souvenirs and culinary that can you get. Loh Liang is the special store which provides local souvenirs like Komodo T-shirt and figurine, traditional Rea cap, Kain Songket, and many more. The accommodation and transportation are full of service for your best satisfaction. These are the wonderful evidences that travelling in Komodo Island gives you a great experience and pleasure.