The Hidden Beauty of Belitung Island: The Land of “Laskar Pelangi”

Indonesia has a lot of beautiful islands to visit. One of the most famous islands is Bali. Almost everyone in the world knows the island. The beauty of Bali gives a great benefit to the country. In fact, so many similar islands have the same beauty as Bali. Lombok is one of the islands. People begin to know the island. Indonesian government also tries to introduce such small beautiful island. Belitung Island is one of the islands that is actually very beautiful. However, only some people know its beauty. The white sand beaches of Belitung are paradise for holiday.


The name of Belitung is known by people in 2005. Since, in the year, Andrea Hirata, a native of Belitung write a great story entitled “Laskar Pelangi” which the setting is Belitung Island. The greatness of the story is spread into the entire world. The novel is translated into English, Malay, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Moreover, the movie of “Laskar Pelangi” is released in 2008. In the other words, “Laskar pelangi” by Andrea Hirata introduced the beauty of the Island to the world.


Belitung Island is also surrounded by more than 100 small islands. Most of them are beautified by the same warm atmosphere of beaches. The white sand and palm trees are so beautiful standing on the beaches. You will not be disappointed of visiting the island. Moreover, some special things you may bring home. Satam stone is one of the great one. the stone is usually used for jewelry. Shell handicraft is also as beautiful as jewelries. If you want some foods, Kerupuk Belitung can be the best. Since, such food is only found in the island. Sambal Lingkong can be the other solution. This food is called as Abon Ikan in Jakarta. But, Belitung’s is spicier than what people have in Jakarta. Once you give such food a taste, it seems like you will never be able to forget it. If you like spicy food, such food will become your favorite in an instant. Even if you do not really like spicy food, such food will surely be so attractive to taste.