Pesindon: Batik Village in the City of Batik, Pekalongan, Indonesia

Batik is one of the brilliant icons of Indonesia. Some districts have their motif of batik. One of the best and the oldest cities of batik is Pekalongan. It is located in Central Java, Indonesia.

Actually, different cities that produce and create batik have different motifs of batik. Thus, Pekalongan as one of the city that has a batik village has its identical motifs. About the color, light colors are often used, such as red, blue, green, yellow and others. Then, the lines and dots also dominate the batik fabric in Pesindon. Sore significantly, since Chinese motifs are also inserted to the Pekalongan batik, the pictures of dragons are sometimes found. Those are the most significant points about the Pekalongan batik motifs.

In fact, Pesindon is not the only batik village that Pekalongan has. Some other villages are Kauman, Medono, Binagriya, and also Buaran. Different with those other villages, Pesindon is very comfortable to see the beauty of the Indonesian batik. Moreover, a map is ready beside the gate. This map is so much important since the village is full of different motifs of batik. This village consists of so many alleys. It will be bad to not visit the whole village. By looking to the map, the visitors will be easy to look around the village. They will also easy to find the way out.

To make the visitors easy to find specific batik maker, every buildings in the village is signed. Having a business client from this village is also possible. If you are interesting in business related to art, this location can give brilliant idea for you. Moreover, this village is easy to find. It is located near the highway.  Thus, to go and visit this batik village in so many times is possible. Lastly, visiting this village is not complete without having some batik fabrics or clothes as merchandise. Yes, in the end of your visit, you need to make sure you have some willingness to spend some money and get such merchandise. The merchandise will really make you happy and you will never regret spending the money. It will become the proof that you have visited the exotic batik village in Indonesia.


Randu Songo Beach: Exotic Beach Located in Brebes, Central Java

Enjoying some times at the beach is surely a great moment. There is no way for you to feel sad or have the other kind of sad feeling whenever you do that. That is why whenever the holiday is approaching, you are highly recommended to go to the beach and spend your holiday there. Then, what about the destination? There are totally so many beaches you can find out there. Make sure you choose the right one so the holiday of yours can be spent in great quality so you are able to get the best satisfaction. Well, this time, you are recommended to go to Randu Songo beach. Of course, such name is not really that familiar to you. It is really normal by considering that it is located in Indonesia.

Perhaps, when you hear about Indonesia and we are talking about beach, your mind will start thinking about Bali and the beaches there. You are wrong. Randu Songo Beach is not located in Bali. Instead it is located in Java Island. To be exact, it is located in Brebes, Central Java. Use your map to find Brebes. So, what makes this beach become so highly recommended? Firstly it is about the great scenery there. The beach is really natural and thus, you will find the greatness of nature there. For addition, there are so many water attractions you can find whenever you have been there. Take the example of banana boat and the other things. Don’t you think those attractions will be so great for you and also your children. In the meantime, do not forget to enjoy the delicious foods there. Without any doubt, your time will be so memorable if you have been to Randu Songo Beach.

In order to go to Randu Songo beach, you need to go to Brebes first and head to Pantura (main highway located in the north shore of Java Island). The beach is located approximately 7 kilometers from the highway. It is really easy to reach the beach. You can use any transportation means that you can find. During the trip to the beach, your eyes will enjoy great panoramic scene. Vast onion farms will be there and when you are nearing the beach, some Lagunas will be there. For your information, the Lagunas are not only used as tourist attraction but the local people also use them to breed fish.

Now that you have known about Randu Songo Beach, you should be attracted to go there. Start planning your holiday to go there and you will never be disappointed. Yes, once again, we have found a proof that Indonesia is the land of great tourist resorts. Take your beloved people to go to the beach mentioned before along with you and you will boost the fun together.