Enjoying Ocean above the Sky in Bromo

Ocean above the sky, have you ever imagined it exists? Yes it is. Above the beautiful sky, lies a beautiful ocean of pure white cloud you never thought before. How to get to know this phenomenon? Bromo Mountain is the answer. Bromo is an Indonesian active volcanic mountain which is located in four districts of East Java, which are Probolinggo, Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Malang. This mountain is one of must-visit Mountains for many people of Indonesia, for its beautiful scenery is undeniably beautiful and will leave people speechless. So, why don’t you become a part of those people who have ever been there and enjoyed its scenery?

Bromo Mountain has unique view of a mountain. It lies between valley and gorge with the rug of blacksand. The sand covered this location is about 10 km square. To wander this sand area, you can mount a horse which is rent by people around there. With a horse, you will feel a different journey even more. Besides the sand, the other attractive spot of this mountain is its cauldron. Its diameter is about 800 m from north to south and 600 m from east to west. It is so large, right?


As it is told before that this mountain is an active one, it has a deadly area in the middle of its cauldron, which is a circle with diameter of 4 kilo meters. But, although it is still active, you don’t need to worry because as long as there is no danger warning from government, you can visit this mountain safely. In order to see the cauldron, you have to get to the peak of this mountain by climbing 250 stairs. After this tiring climbing, you will find the beautiful cauldron and cloud which are seen like ocean above the sky.

In this Bromo Mountain, you can camp with your family, friends and your other beloved ones. Also, you can enjoy sunrise and sunset in this area. Many people think only of beach when they want to enjoy sunrise and sunset, in fact, the peak of mountain is another place you should think of when yu want get closer to the sunrise and sunset. To get a vacation in this mountain, you have to prepare for the weather because it is so cold. The temperature can reach only ten Celsius degree. Well, you can imagine how cold it is being here.

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