The Hidden Beauty of Belitung Island: The Land of “Laskar Pelangi”

Indonesia has a lot of beautiful islands to visit. One of the most famous islands is Bali. Almost everyone in the world knows the island. The beauty of Bali gives a great benefit to the country. In fact, so many similar islands have the same beauty as Bali. Lombok is one of the islands. People begin to know the island. Indonesian government also tries to introduce such small beautiful island. Belitung Island is one of the islands that is actually very beautiful. However, only some people know its beauty. The white sand beaches of Belitung are paradise for holiday.


The name of Belitung is known by people in 2005. Since, in the year, Andrea Hirata, a native of Belitung write a great story entitled “Laskar Pelangi” which the setting is Belitung Island. The greatness of the story is spread into the entire world. The novel is translated into English, Malay, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Moreover, the movie of “Laskar Pelangi” is released in 2008. In the other words, “Laskar pelangi” by Andrea Hirata introduced the beauty of the Island to the world.


Belitung Island is also surrounded by more than 100 small islands. Most of them are beautified by the same warm atmosphere of beaches. The white sand and palm trees are so beautiful standing on the beaches. You will not be disappointed of visiting the island. Moreover, some special things you may bring home. Satam stone is one of the great one. the stone is usually used for jewelry. Shell handicraft is also as beautiful as jewelries. If you want some foods, Kerupuk Belitung can be the best. Since, such food is only found in the island. Sambal Lingkong can be the other solution. This food is called as Abon Ikan in Jakarta. But, Belitung’s is spicier than what people have in Jakarta. Once you give such food a taste, it seems like you will never be able to forget it. If you like spicy food, such food will become your favorite in an instant. Even if you do not really like spicy food, such food will surely be so attractive to taste.


Get a Romantic and Unforgettable Vacation in Belitung Island

Indonesia will never be out of offer when it comes to exotic places to visit. From east to the west, from north to the south, lie many beautiful places to visit. For example, Bali which lies next to Java Island is a popular island for vacation. But, is you think that Bali is the only one in Indonesia, you are totally wrong because actually there are many islands worth visiting during your holiday such as Belitung Island. This beautiful island which is located near BangkaIsland offers you a romantic and unforgettable vacation. Just like Bali, this island has many beaches that surely will leave you speechless once you step your feet on it.

Among so many beaches lie in Belitung Island, Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang beach are the perfect example of paradise. Tanjung Tinggi beach is beautiful with its white sand, dark blue water and big granite stone. Being here with the one you love will be surely feel like in heaven. Your bare feet will feel how amazing it is to stand on its white sand, enjoying the blue water and sky meanwhile in front of you there is granite stone.


The stone looks like the object which is carved by the hand of God. Meanwhile in Tanjung Kelayang beach, you will find a beautiful granite stone which looks like a bird named Kalayang. That’s why this beach is named so. Besides those two beaches, Belitung has many others beaches which look as beautiful as those two. Almost all beaches in this island has the same characteristics such as its white sand that will amaze the visitors. Although this island is not as popular as Bali, but you don’t need to worry about the place you will stay in. Here you can still find place to stay.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Belitung Island also offers you unique culinary that will make your vacation unforgettable as well. Many kinds of food that can only be met in this island is worth trying. For example, there is rusip, a sour, salty food made of fermented little fish. It is interesting to spend your holiday here, isn’t it? Well, to get to this island you can choose plane or ship. If you want a simple trip, you can simply fly to Belitung with plane. But, if you are sort of person who likes to have challenging adventure, you can try to go with ship.