How to Enjoy Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is one of the most recommended tourism destinations in East Java, Indonesia. Among various types of natural parks available in East Java, Baluran National Park is very special yet beautiful.

Baluran National Park is located in Baluran, Banyuwangi. This national park is precisely located on the mountain slope of Baluran Mountain. The highland typical landscape makes this national park very popular in Indonesia and Asia. As a matter of case, Baluran National Park is claimed as a national forest preservation which aims to be home for wild animals in Java. This conservation park stands on 25.000 hectares savannah grasslands, just what most people find in Africa. Considering the fact that Baluran National park is large forest preservation where most of the flora and fauna of Indonesia and Asia are living, there are some different ways to enjoy this awesome savannah. First of all, you can start exploring this national park by visiting the wildlife conservation and enjoying the safari trip. There are plenty types of fauna and flora you can find there. According to the record, Baluran National Park protects more than 47 species of animal and 32 species of bird. Besides, it also keeps more than 444 species of flora, especially the endemic flora.

For your information, among various species of flora and fauna you can see in Baluran National Park, there is an almost-extinct-species of animal which you may find only living in here. The mentioned animal is banteng or wild buffalo which also becomes the icon of Baluran National Park. If you are satisfied enjoying the wildlife conservation, you may try the sandy beach surrounding Baluran National Park. Bama Beach is one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in East Java you can visit after enjoying the forest preservation in Baluran. Bama Beach is a white sand beach which is surrounded by beautiful mangrove forest. As a part of Baluran National Park, Bama Beach offers various nautical attractions, such as beautiful coral reefs, nice water ecosystem, crystal clear sea water, nice tropical atmosphere, and more. Obviously, for those who want to explore Baluran National Park more than just seeing the wildlife conservation and beautiful Bama Beach, you can try hiking up to Baluran Crater. Even though this mountain attraction is not too high to reach but you will still get very satisfied yet amazed with the view.


Speaking of Baluran National Park as one of the most attractive tourism destinations in East Java, you may need to know how to reach this location for sure. Basically, you can take any mode of transportation to reach Baluran village where the national park is. If you are heading from Banyuwangi, you only need 30 minutes to reach this location. If you are from Surabaya, you can get to Baluran National Park for about 3 hours approximately. Well, if you want to stay for one or some nights in Baluran, there are some inns and cottages you can hire for one night or more.