Top Places for Scuba Diving Worldwide

Planning to go for unforgettable scuba diving experience? These are our selection of top places for scuba diving worldwide! These dive sites are the best ones you can visit and they will give awesome lifetime experience that. Are you ready? Prepare yourself for these top places for scuba diving!

El Arco Darwin’s Arch

Darwin’s Arch is located in Galapagos, Ecuador. Maybe you have heard about Galapagos since it was the place where Charles Darwin made some studies about species. Moreover, this place is known to have tons of amazing wildlife species. Darwin’s Arch has rock formation with 70ft waters depth. Professionals recommend it much and consider this spot as the best dive site in on earth. As you dive in, you may encounter various adorable creatures such as whale sharks, massive turtles, stingrays, and many others.


Great Barrier Reef

Many of you surely know about this marvelous tourist attraction. But, did you know that you could explore more about its wonderful sea life? The Great Barrier Reef located in Australia is a must-visit dive site for divers. This stunning spot stretches at about 1.430miles long and has 4.000 reefs. Furthermore, the Great Barrier Reef promotes outstanding sea life diversity with more than 1.000 kinds of fish, 3500 mollusks, and 400 coral species. This place can be compared to Amazon in terms of biodiversity.


Manchones Reef and Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA)

Another fascinating dive site is this Manchones Reef and Museo Subacuático de Arte(often called MUSA) located in Cancun, Mexico. MUSA is also a magnificent dive site offering hundreds of various sculptures built by local artists. an English sculptor named Jason Caires Taylor, also contributed to the development of this underwater museum. This scuba diving has 20ft depth under the surface. Furthermore, MUSA spreads about 4,500 square feet long. Not only promotes artistic beauty, the sculptures in MUSA also function as man-made reefs that draw in a varied underwater life and enhance coral development.

The Great Blue Hole

Jacques Cousteau admitted that this natural occurrence of the Great Blue Hole in Belize is one of the earth’s best scuba diving sites. Although the coral may possibly not be the most colorful, it has huge stalactites. Moreover, the bull sharks also become nice attraction for divers. Great Blue Hole is 406 feet deep and has 1.000ft limestone cave. Also, divers love this dive site because of its calm water.


Cocos Island, Costa Rica

For those eager to have a long but awesome scuba diving journey, Cocos Island offers gorgeous natural beauty. Cocos Island is one of the most visited national parks in Costa Rica. It is also be said as the Island that inspired Jurassic Park movie! This island is just four miles long, but it is encircled by stunning waters where white reef sharks and scalloped hammerheads grow. You may also see regular shark species such as Galapagos, silky, silver-tip, black-tip, tiger, and guitar sharks.

cocos-island-scuba-diving-places cocos-island-scuba-diving-scalloped-hammerhead


Discount Cruise trips to Exotic Locations

Exotic locations – Holiday cruises are becoming one of the most newsworthy among the “destination” holidays available. Even though some people are happy to step on aboard a luxury cruise ship and never let it rest for the entire amount of their vacation, other people enjoy cruising in order to exotic locations where the cruise trip is only section of the appeal. The top cruises this season include discounted cruises to some number of locations that you could not count on seeing on a report on cruise places.

Exotic locations: Cruise the Mediterranean

Mediterranean cruise ships have always been well-liked, but this year’s best low cost cruises within the Mediterranean consist of even more excitement. Imagine a 15 night luxury cruise that appointments seven metropolitan areas and includes 2 beautiful nights at sea for only over one 500 dollars every person. Japanese European cruise trips are priced to purchase this year together with visits to metropolitan areas such Mykonos, Crusades and Rhodes for the itinerary. The particular Eastern Mediterranean sea has always been well-known featuring stopovers from France to Egypt, and stops in ancient damages and beautiful seashores. A Far eastern Mediterranean vacation cruise offers a wide array of cruise activities at discount price ranges.

European Pond Cruises

Don’t assume all cruises in order to exotic destinations take prescription the open seashore. Europe is renowned for it’s away from the coast waterways, and pond tours are the most popular Western European cruises. The Rhine River vacation cruise has long been the European coming of age, but not everything well-known on the other side from the Atlantic. Cruise ships along the Rhine provide vacationers a new one-stop tour of countless European countries, using beautiful landscapes, leisurely times and stops with cities for example Strasbourg, Copenhagen and Cologne.

North European Cruise trips

Cruising through the upper waters might not seem like the holiday of a lifetime; however a N. European luxury cruise is an extremely unique trip. Go to Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and other North European riches’ as you drink the remarkable tradition and history. The most beautiful points of interest on an Upper European trip is the upper lights and the particular stunning landscapes. If you guide your trip early on online, you will get multiple special discounts and special rewards on Norwegian cruise ships, including no cost airfare from the 3 major regional urban centers and upgrades on the cabin as well as overall package deal.

Australia and the particular South Hawaiian

For an extremely different cruise trip experience, in contrast to a tour with the Australian and Nzo coast collections. The prices pertaining to Australian cruise trips are purely remarkable, starting as low as 800 dollars for every person to get a ten night time Australian vacation cruise on a Noble Caribbean series, with prevents at Questionnaire, Hamilton Island, Cook town and Queensland, Australia. Costs do not consist of airfare towards the departure destination, just make sure book on the internet you can often create all-inclusive deals that can cut your costs even further.

Alaskan Vacation cruises

Take a cruise trip through the frosty northern oceans and enjoy probably the most amazing landscapes in you opportunity see. Alaskan cruise trips on a variety of cruise lines provide some of the best offers available this season. You can find Alaskan vacation cruises as low as 300 and fifty dollars for every person, increase occupancy, for a several nights offering stops in Seward, Juneau, Ketchikan and other stunning Alaskan cities.

Buying the best cruise trip deals on the internet is the secret to locating an amazing vacation cruise for a low price. There are a sum that allows you to lookup across each of the cruise lines and a lot of the larger lower price travel sites to tug together the very best package deals pertaining to cruise getaways. The tips down below will help you get the best prices with regard to discount trips to exotic luxury cruise destinations around the globe. Hope you like Exotic locations.