The Prehistoric Travelling in Komodo Island

Indonesia is a great country with various wonderful landscapes. This country consists of thousand islands which have its own characteristic and wonders. Traveling in Komodo Island can be your next destination because it is categorized as the most visited tourism resort in the world. Komodo as its local species becomes the nomination of seven wonders because this is the oldest prehistoric species which still exists in the earth.

Travelling in Komodo Island will offer you with many traveling experience which can only find in this place. Actually, Komodo Island is a natural park which saves Komodo from its extinction. Komodo dragon is a rest of prehistoric age. This rare fauna is the world’s giant lizard which has been existed since thousand years ago. It can grow up to 3.5 meters long. This is a carnivore that will have other animals like buffalo, chicken, and deer as its prey. This will be a big experience for you to see the living prehistoric creature. In exploring the Komodo Island, you have to deal with these following rules. Firstly, you are not required to be alone; the guide has to be always with you. Then, you are not allowed to feed the Komodo because it will be aggressive while hungry. When you are tracking, you have to equip yourself with shoes and two-branched stick. This stick will be your weapon and protection from the aggressive komodo. Next, smoking and flaming are not allowed.


Most of the Komodo Island landscape is savanna which can be easily burned. The sensation of tracking and adventure in Komodo Island will be exciting. You must be safe and happy as long as you obey the rules. There are many other sides that can you exploit its wonder besides have tracking. The Komodo Island has a beautiful and unique beach named Pantai Merah. In Indonesia term, Pantai Merah means the red beach. It can be said as the red beach because it has red colored sand. There are only 7 beaches in the world with this color. You can do snorkeling, diving, or just having fun in this beach. You are required to have snorkeling because there are many colorful fish species that will greet you warmly. The 260 corals and 70 sponge species makes your snorkeling view becomes so wonderful. Other beautiful beaches that can you explore in this island are Batu Bolong and Tattawa.


Besides having pleasure, there are many kinds of souvenirs and culinary that can you get. Loh Liang is the special store which provides local souvenirs like Komodo T-shirt and figurine, traditional Rea cap, Kain Songket, and many more. The accommodation and transportation are full of service for your best satisfaction. These are the wonderful evidences that travelling in Komodo Island gives you a great experience and pleasure.


Get a Romantic and Unforgettable Vacation in Belitung Island

Indonesia will never be out of offer when it comes to exotic places to visit. From east to the west, from north to the south, lie many beautiful places to visit. For example, Bali which lies next to Java Island is a popular island for vacation. But, is you think that Bali is the only one in Indonesia, you are totally wrong because actually there are many islands worth visiting during your holiday such as Belitung Island. This beautiful island which is located near BangkaIsland offers you a romantic and unforgettable vacation. Just like Bali, this island has many beaches that surely will leave you speechless once you step your feet on it.

Among so many beaches lie in Belitung Island, Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang beach are the perfect example of paradise. Tanjung Tinggi beach is beautiful with its white sand, dark blue water and big granite stone. Being here with the one you love will be surely feel like in heaven. Your bare feet will feel how amazing it is to stand on its white sand, enjoying the blue water and sky meanwhile in front of you there is granite stone.


The stone looks like the object which is carved by the hand of God. Meanwhile in Tanjung Kelayang beach, you will find a beautiful granite stone which looks like a bird named Kalayang. That’s why this beach is named so. Besides those two beaches, Belitung has many others beaches which look as beautiful as those two. Almost all beaches in this island has the same characteristics such as its white sand that will amaze the visitors. Although this island is not as popular as Bali, but you don’t need to worry about the place you will stay in. Here you can still find place to stay.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Belitung Island also offers you unique culinary that will make your vacation unforgettable as well. Many kinds of food that can only be met in this island is worth trying. For example, there is rusip, a sour, salty food made of fermented little fish. It is interesting to spend your holiday here, isn’t it? Well, to get to this island you can choose plane or ship. If you want a simple trip, you can simply fly to Belitung with plane. But, if you are sort of person who likes to have challenging adventure, you can try to go with ship.



Mountain Biking as an Option of Adventure Traveling for You to Try

When you hear about adventure traveling, you may thing that it is an activity that can always be done in a place that is far away from your location and you have never been there before. Actually, the main idea of the traveling is not always like that. It can in fact be done in a location that is not far away from you as long as there are some values of adventure that you can get from it. If you need an example, mountain biking is a really good one.

The location where the biking is about to take place is the one that makes it so perfect to be called as an option of adventure traveling. While you ride the bike, you will not be able to enjoy the very fresh air of the mountain area. You will definitely be able to enjoy the fascinating views that you can see all the way down. One thing that you have to know also about this kind of biking is that it is totally different from the normal biking style that you usually do to exercise of sightseeing. Of course, it is not always about the use of special mountain bike that is suitable to mountain terrain. It is also about the fact that you have to master the right way to mountain bike if you really want to be able to conquer the mountain that will become the location for you to mountain bike.

It cannot be denied that this type of adventure traveling is the one that cannot be done by all people. The ability to bike alone is not enough in this activity, especially because of the fact that a better level of safety and ability is really needed. That is why before you mountain bike, it is so much better for you to do some practice with experts in order to know every single thing and ability about the biking type. Once you master at least the basic knowledge and practice about the biking, it is so sure that you can start the adventure right away. Moreover, after you master about the biking also, it is so sure that you can create the ultimate adventure that you always want to get while you are traveling with your mountain bike. When you finally do the adventure travel, you may not forget to wear your complete safety gear that you can ride the bike safely.


Underwater Adventure Travel: The Best Type of Adventure You Should Try at Least Once in Your Life

In your life, sometimes you are needed to experience something that you may never try before. This way, you can reduce the possibility of regret that occurs because of the fact that you did not try the adventure while you still can. From so many extra ordinary things that you can actually do taking an underwater adventure travel seems to be a good one to try at least once in your life.

In this world, there are so many destination that you can travel to in order to get a fascinating experience of underwater adventure travel. In those destinations, which are mostly seas, you can enjoy the beauty of underwater world directly. Of course, the sensation that you will feel is different from seeing the beauty from a submarine or by snorkeling that can be done only at the very top sea level. In this adventure, you can really get in touch with a lot of beautiful sea creatures and feel like one of them since you will really swim in a sea. One thing that you have to know is that you are needed to take a special diving class first before going to the adventure since basic ability in swimming is not enough for this.

If after trying the underwater adventure travel for the first time you feel like it is something that you love that you want to do it again, you can later try something different. For example, you can choose a travel destination in which you can enjoy swimming with different sea creatures including also the big ones or even those considered as dangerous. The example of this can be seen in Norway, in which the experience of swimming with killer whales is the one that you can really obtain. There is no need to worry that it will be dangerous because there is always a professional party accompany and manage everything for you.