Batik is one of the brilliant icons of Indonesia. Some districts have their motif of batik. One of the best and the oldest cities of batik is Pekalongan. It is located in Central Java, Indonesia.

Actually, different cities that produce and create batik have different motifs of batik. Thus, Pekalongan as one of the city that has a batik village has its identical motifs. About the color, light colors are often used, such as red, blue, green, yellow and others. Then, the lines and dots also dominate the batik fabric in Pesindon. Sore significantly, since Chinese motifs are also inserted to the Pekalongan batik, the pictures of dragons are sometimes found. Those are the most significant points about the Pekalongan batik motifs.

In fact, Pesindon is not the only batik village that Pekalongan has. Some other villages are Kauman, Medono, Binagriya, and also Buaran. Different with those other villages, Pesindon is very comfortable to see the beauty of the Indonesian batik. Moreover, a map is ready beside the gate. This map is so much important since the village is full of different motifs of batik. This village consists of so many alleys. It will be bad to not visit the whole village. By looking to the map, the visitors will be easy to look around the village. They will also easy to find the way out.

To make the visitors easy to find specific batik maker, every buildings in the village is signed. Having a business client from this village is also possible. If you are interesting in business related to art, this location can give brilliant idea for you. Moreover, this village is easy to find. It is located near the highway.  Thus, to go and visit this batik village in so many times is possible. Lastly, visiting this village is not complete without having some batik fabrics or clothes as merchandise. Yes, in the end of your visit, you need to make sure you have some willingness to spend some money and get such merchandise. The merchandise will really make you happy and you will never regret spending the money. It will become the proof that you have visited the exotic batik village in Indonesia.