Have you made some plans about your next holiday? If you think you are just going to be “lazying” around during the holiday, snap out of it! Don’t let your holiday go pass by without any moment that you can remember. Notice that the holiday is actually really rare especially if you are a quite busy person. The holiday is surely the moment for you to get rid of the tension and stress that have been piling in your mind. At the same time, you can also rejuvenate your body. Thus, you need to make your holiday plans now. If you want to get some recommendation, you might want to go to Indonesia. Yes, many people who have been there say that Indonesia is a big chunk of heaven on this earth. This country has so many islands and all of them have stunning natural tourist objects which will blow your mind away with its beauty. And let’s focus on the beach located in Yogyakarta, called Indrayanti beach.

Yes, the name of the beach does not really ring a bell to your ears. If you search on Google about the beaches in Yogyakarta, you might find Parangtritis as the top search. However, that does not make Indrayanti beach bad. The reality is the opposite. Due to the lack of popularity, the beach is actually still natural and virgin. This beach is located quite far from the center of Yogyakarta. It is about two hours by car and you must head east towards Wonosari. But, you will find that the time to spend is really worthy. When you have reached Indrayanti, you will find a beautiful beach which will make your jaw drops. It is because the scenery there is really heavenly. The white sand and the waves as well as the blue water will fondle you for sure.


There, you can really enjoy your time by playing in the water. You can also let your children play there safely. In the meantime, enjoy the tropical condition that you will never find anywhere else but here. If you want to have some relaxation, you can lie down on the beach and rent an umbrella or two. There are also some local people who provide massage services to get rid of the tensed feeling you might have. If you want to spend some days staying around the beach, there are some cottages available for you. Do not forget to enjoy some foods there. You can taste the exotic foods which will make you want to go there again in the future. True, Indrayanti beach will definitely become the best tourist object for you to visit without any hesitation. There is no way for you to be disappointed if you have given it a visit.