Holiday is very interesting and also important to anyone. Why? Because by having a holiday, you can take a rest from your daily activities and routines that maybe really make you stress, tired and bored. Therefore, spending some days for holiday with family or partner can be the best solution for you. You can make a plan of visiting a beach, a mountain, or just go to the other city or somewhere that is quite far from your daily routine. Then, you can get a perfect holiday without thinking about your work. However, when you go for holiday in some areas that quite far from your home, then you need to book a hotel as your place of staying. Some hotels choices are available for you when you do your holiday, from the one-star hotel up to the five-star hotel, which each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The hotel that you want to book should be comfortable and having some good facilities, but still affordable for your pocket. The hotel choices that usually available in town where you want to go for holiday are actually varied. From the cheapest up to the most expensive, you may find it in the city. For you who have quite lots of money or budget for holiday, then you can choose to stay in four-star or five-star hotel, that will not only very comfortable for staying but will also full with awesome facilities that support your holiday. Usually, four-star of five-star hotel are equipped with large swimming pool, club, nice restaurant, café, and many other facilities that are just so awesome, but of course expensive. It is actually nothing for you to spend quite lots of money for holiday, since you are looking and earning your money through hard work are to make yourself happy right? That is why you need to have an awesome holiday.


However, for you who have limited budget, you should not worry since there are still some hotel choices that you can book such as the first-star up to the third-star hotel in town. Those types of hotel are actually cheaper than the four-star and five-star hotel since the facilities that are available are not as complete as in the five-star hotel. You may find a small swimming pool, standard restaurant, and mini café for spending the night. However, it is okay for you who have limited budget since your main purpose are not for staying in the hotel but to go around to that city.