Types of Travel Indonesia Tourism

Travel Indonesia has many types of tourism with extraordinary natural beauty. You can visit Indonesian tourist attractions such as beaches, parks, forests, seas, mountains, museums, lakes, and so on. Because Indonesia has a variety of cultures that exist in each region, so this makes Indonesia widely known both domestically and abroad.

Types of Travel Indonesia Tourism

There are several types of Indonesian travel tours that you can know if you want to know more about Indonesia. The following are the types of travel Indonesia tours, namely:

Maritime tourism

Maritime tourism

Marine tourism can also be called marine tourism or water tourism. This tour is also related to sports performed in water, such as on beaches, lakes, bays. For activities that are usually carried out during marine tourism, such as fishing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, rowing competitions, and underwater shooting.

Cultural tourism in Indonesia

Doing cultural tourism also aims to be able to add insight and change one’s outlook on life. In cultural tourism, especially abroad, so that they can see the way people live in that country, learn about their customs, arts, and culture.

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Agricultural tourism

Agricultural tourism is a tour that goes to agricultural locations, by seeing nurseries in rice fields and plantations. Usually done in the framework of a study or it could be just a walk to enjoy the green of plants and fresh air. with that, your eyes will be refreshed by the sight of fresh and colorful vegetables, seeing various vegetable seeds, and also being able to go on an adventure in the cool plantation.

Fast traveling

This hunting tour can be done in countries that have forest areas that can be used as hunting grounds. Certainly not hunting carelessly and need to follow the regulations from the government regarding the boundaries of hunting areas and also for what types of animals can be hunted. In Indonesia, the government has opened a hunting tourism spot in the East Java region, precisely in Baluran.

Pilgrimage tours

Pilgrimage tours

This type of tourism is related to history, customs, and also the beliefs held by the surrounding community. Mostly done by groups rather than individuals. The goal is to go to a holy place, eat people who are considered sacred or holy or graves of great people, burials of famous figures, sacred hills and mountains full of legends, and so on.

Nature reserve tours

This tour is also known as conservation tourism because it is done by visiting protected parks, nature reserves, and areas whose sustainability has been protected by law. Most nature lovers do this tour. If you like to take photos or take pictures, then this is very suitable for doing tours like this.

Travel convention tours

This convention tour is closely related to politics. For example, buildings where deliberations, trials, and meetings are held nationally or internationally. Examples include the international congress center in Berlin, the Senayan Building in Jakarta, or the International Convention Center in the Philippines.

For those of you who want to go on a tour of Indonesia, you can choose various types of tourist attractions that can add experience and insight with a variety of tourist attractions.