Tips to Travel and Enjoy Underwater Life in Bunaken, North Sulawesi

Where you will go in this holiday? Visiting Indonesia will become the best choice for your holiday. There are so many tourist attractions that you can find in Indonesia. You can choose one of tourist attractions that is suitable with your interest or hobby too. For all of you who like to see underwater life in the paradise, you must come and enjoy underwater life in Bunaken. Bunaken is located in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Most people come from some foreign countries to visit this place because of some reasons. This place is considered as one of best scuba diving destinations in Indonesia even in the world. That is why people come from so many countries to this place and then dive in this place. All divers will feel so happy when they come to this place and then see the magnificent corals in the crystal and very clean water. For all of you who like challenge, you can try to dive up to 1600 meters. You can see unforgettable and stunning corals that you never seen before in other place.


Bunaken is categorized as National Marine Park and all divers must be able to keep and care of all corals that they see in the underwater area too. For all of you who are interested to come and enjoy underwater life in Bunaken, you better know some tips below. You will know where to stay in Bunaken and some other important information.

–       You can find some resorts on Bunaken Island in easy way. Unfortunately, the price is so expensive. If you have limited budget, you can try to rent or book nice bungalow near the beach and it will cost lower. You can also find some hotels with low price in Manado. If you want to save more money you must book the hotel three months before you go to Bunaken.

–       There are some activities that you must do when you are coming to Bunaken such as snorkeling to see the coral gardens, hiking along the Bunaken island and then climb Manado Tua Volcano, fishing with some fishermen in the marine park, and you must watch dolphin show too in the Bunaken island.

–       You need to know when the best time to enjoy underwater life in Bunaken and do some other activities. You must avoid visiting Bunaken in July or August because it is peak season and you must not be able to enjoy all things in maximum way.

Preparing all things for diving and water sport activities is important before you go to Bunaken.


Having a Wonderful Travelling in Toba Lake

Summer is a wonderful blessed for some family to have wonderful travelling. Because the summer will not happen along the year, the travel destination must give a great satisfaction. Indonesia can be your holiday destination list because of the beauty of its landscape. Travelling in Toba Lake can be your prior destination with your family, friends, and colleagues. This article will give you answer why Toba Lake becomes your best tourism resort.


Travelling in Toba Lake will show you with beautiful and wonderful scenery about one of the biggest natural lake in the world. Its diameter is noted more than 100 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide and 505 meters deep. What an amazing! Toba Lake is located in North Sumatera. The landscape is still original and natural with a Samosir Island in the center of it. The Toba Lake is formed by a long term volcano activity; it used to be an active volcano crater. Around 77.000 years ago the great eruption creates this wonder. It lies on mountainous area that can ensure you to get the real refreshing and relaxed sensation. The water is very blue because the cleanliness is always kept.


As eyes can see, you will find the green wood around the lake. Besides having pleasure with this beautiful scenery, you can are offered with other packets. You can feel the scenery by hiking, boating, and swimming around the Toba Lake. You can go to the Samosir Island by a traditional boat. Arriving in that island, you will be impressed with the traditional Batak Culture. Batak is the local ethnic in North Sumatera province. The culture arts include the traditional dance, word arts, artworks, paintings, and many more. You can only find these arts and cultures in Toba Lake. You can also by some unique and handmade souvenirs which are specially created by Batak people too. Local wooden guitar becomes the most wanted souvenir in this tourism resort. After having shopping all day long, you can taste the local traditional food in Samosir named Lapo. Near the lake, you can take a rest on the nearer villa, hotel, and home stay. In order to get more local atmosphere, Tuk Tuk can be your best option. This is a special traditional Batak house which is located close to the lake. You can feel the wonder of Toba Lake by having night in this place.

Traveling in Toba Lake is very wonderful and amazing. You will not get the similar holiday sensation in any other tourism resort. Moreover, the kindness and friendliness of Batak people makes your trip becomes relaxed and enjoyable.