How to Enjoy Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is one of the most recommended tourism destinations in East Java, Indonesia. Among various types of natural parks available in East Java, Baluran National Park is very special yet beautiful.

Baluran National Park is located in Baluran, Banyuwangi. This national park is precisely located on the mountain slope of Baluran Mountain. The highland typical landscape makes this national park very popular in Indonesia and Asia. As a matter of case, Baluran National Park is claimed as a national forest preservation which aims to be home for wild animals in Java. This conservation park stands on 25.000 hectares savannah grasslands, just what most people find in Africa. Considering the fact that Baluran National park is large forest preservation where most of the flora and fauna of Indonesia and Asia are living, there are some different ways to enjoy this awesome savannah. First of all, you can start exploring this national park by visiting the wildlife conservation and enjoying the safari trip. There are plenty types of fauna and flora you can find there. According to the record, Baluran National Park protects more than 47 species of animal and 32 species of bird. Besides, it also keeps more than 444 species of flora, especially the endemic flora.

For your information, among various species of flora and fauna you can see in Baluran National Park, there is an almost-extinct-species of animal which you may find only living in here. The mentioned animal is banteng or wild buffalo which also becomes the icon of Baluran National Park. If you are satisfied enjoying the wildlife conservation, you may try the sandy beach surrounding Baluran National Park. Bama Beach is one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in East Java you can visit after enjoying the forest preservation in Baluran. Bama Beach is a white sand beach which is surrounded by beautiful mangrove forest. As a part of Baluran National Park, Bama Beach offers various nautical attractions, such as beautiful coral reefs, nice water ecosystem, crystal clear sea water, nice tropical atmosphere, and more. Obviously, for those who want to explore Baluran National Park more than just seeing the wildlife conservation and beautiful Bama Beach, you can try hiking up to Baluran Crater. Even though this mountain attraction is not too high to reach but you will still get very satisfied yet amazed with the view.


Speaking of Baluran National Park as one of the most attractive tourism destinations in East Java, you may need to know how to reach this location for sure. Basically, you can take any mode of transportation to reach Baluran village where the national park is. If you are heading from Banyuwangi, you only need 30 minutes to reach this location. If you are from Surabaya, you can get to Baluran National Park for about 3 hours approximately. Well, if you want to stay for one or some nights in Baluran, there are some inns and cottages you can hire for one night or more.


Indrayanti Beach: Exotic Tropical Holiday at Awesome and Fantastic Beach

Have you made some plans about your next holiday? If you think you are just going to be “lazying” around during the holiday, snap out of it! Don’t let your holiday go pass by without any moment that you can remember. Notice that the holiday is actually really rare especially if you are a quite busy person. The holiday is surely the moment for you to get rid of the tension and stress that have been piling in your mind. At the same time, you can also rejuvenate your body. Thus, you need to make your holiday plans now. If you want to get some recommendation, you might want to go to Indonesia. Yes, many people who have been there say that Indonesia is a big chunk of heaven on this earth. This country has so many islands and all of them have stunning natural tourist objects which will blow your mind away with its beauty. And let’s focus on the beach located in Yogyakarta, called Indrayanti beach.

Yes, the name of the beach does not really ring a bell to your ears. If you search on Google about the beaches in Yogyakarta, you might find Parangtritis as the top search. However, that does not make Indrayanti beach bad. The reality is the opposite. Due to the lack of popularity, the beach is actually still natural and virgin. This beach is located quite far from the center of Yogyakarta. It is about two hours by car and you must head east towards Wonosari. But, you will find that the time to spend is really worthy. When you have reached Indrayanti, you will find a beautiful beach which will make your jaw drops. It is because the scenery there is really heavenly. The white sand and the waves as well as the blue water will fondle you for sure.


There, you can really enjoy your time by playing in the water. You can also let your children play there safely. In the meantime, enjoy the tropical condition that you will never find anywhere else but here. If you want to have some relaxation, you can lie down on the beach and rent an umbrella or two. There are also some local people who provide massage services to get rid of the tensed feeling you might have. If you want to spend some days staying around the beach, there are some cottages available for you. Do not forget to enjoy some foods there. You can taste the exotic foods which will make you want to go there again in the future. True, Indrayanti beach will definitely become the best tourist object for you to visit without any hesitation. There is no way for you to be disappointed if you have given it a visit.


Randu Songo Beach: Exotic Beach Located in Brebes, Central Java

Enjoying some times at the beach is surely a great moment. There is no way for you to feel sad or have the other kind of sad feeling whenever you do that. That is why whenever the holiday is approaching, you are highly recommended to go to the beach and spend your holiday there. Then, what about the destination? There are totally so many beaches you can find out there. Make sure you choose the right one so the holiday of yours can be spent in great quality so you are able to get the best satisfaction. Well, this time, you are recommended to go to Randu Songo beach. Of course, such name is not really that familiar to you. It is really normal by considering that it is located in Indonesia.

Perhaps, when you hear about Indonesia and we are talking about beach, your mind will start thinking about Bali and the beaches there. You are wrong. Randu Songo Beach is not located in Bali. Instead it is located in Java Island. To be exact, it is located in Brebes, Central Java. Use your map to find Brebes. So, what makes this beach become so highly recommended? Firstly it is about the great scenery there. The beach is really natural and thus, you will find the greatness of nature there. For addition, there are so many water attractions you can find whenever you have been there. Take the example of banana boat and the other things. Don’t you think those attractions will be so great for you and also your children. In the meantime, do not forget to enjoy the delicious foods there. Without any doubt, your time will be so memorable if you have been to Randu Songo Beach.

In order to go to Randu Songo beach, you need to go to Brebes first and head to Pantura (main highway located in the north shore of Java Island). The beach is located approximately 7 kilometers from the highway. It is really easy to reach the beach. You can use any transportation means that you can find. During the trip to the beach, your eyes will enjoy great panoramic scene. Vast onion farms will be there and when you are nearing the beach, some Lagunas will be there. For your information, the Lagunas are not only used as tourist attraction but the local people also use them to breed fish.

Now that you have known about Randu Songo Beach, you should be attracted to go there. Start planning your holiday to go there and you will never be disappointed. Yes, once again, we have found a proof that Indonesia is the land of great tourist resorts. Take your beloved people to go to the beach mentioned before along with you and you will boost the fun together.


Tanjung Bira Beach: A Considerable Destination for Your Summer Vacation

It is true that summer is still quite way ahead. Even so, there is nothing wrong about planning a summer vacation since now so that you will be able to prepare everything properly for perfection in the vacation later. If you have not decided yet about where to go this summer, Tanjung Bira beach could really be a perfect destination to choose. This beach is located in the area of Sulawesi Island. To be more specific, this beach can be reached quite easily from Makasar and you will need several hours only for that. Even the journey there may be considered as a quite long one, it is something worth it to do because once you arrive in the beach, and you will find out that everything taken for you to go there will be paid equally or even more.

Tanjung Bira beach is naturally beautiful. It is covered with white sand everywhere that seems to add more dramatic effect to the overall view that you can see there. In that beach, there are quite a lot of activities that you can do. If you are not afraid of swimming in a beach, of course you are allowed to swim there. Besides, this beach is also a perfect place for you to sun-bath since the tropical climate of Indonesia really provide a lot of sunlight. If you prefer to enjoy the beauty of the ocean near the beach area, snorkeling is really a perfect activity. If you want to go deeper, you can just go diving by hiring the local service that is available there. See, all of these are simply perfect summer activities that will also give perfection to your vacation, right?


 The last but not least thing that will make Tanjung Bira beach to be your perfect summer destination next is that here sunset always look perfect. It may be the reason why this beach is also considered to be a perfect one for couple. Enjoying the fascinating sunset together will certainly create a special romantic event for you and your loved one. To perfect this, there are some bungalows available in the area of this beach for rent.


Because of the bungalows, there is no need for you to spend much time in the beach since there is already a place for you to take a rest in the end of the day. If you are lucky, you will be able to find a lodging that will not cost you too much so that you will be able to use your extra vacation money for something else. So, what do you think about this? Will you really choose this beautiful white sand beach as your next destination of summer vacation?