Important Safety Tips for Women who Travel in India

There are lots of women who want to come to India because they really want to see one of seven wonders in the world, Taj Mahal. India offers you some beautiful places to visit. Unfortunately, according to some sources, we know that India is not really safe for women who travel alone. You still can visit India and you can enjoy your holiday in India when you do some tips to travel in India below. It is important to do all things below when you really want to avoid bad things when you come to India.


 First you need to choose safest transportation when you travel in India. When you must book train ticket or bus ticket, it is important to choose first class ticket. You will be safe in the bus or in the train. If you are alone and you must visit other places in India, you just need to use Taxi. Taxi is considered as the safest transportation in India. You need to be careful in choosing best taxi. Please choose taxi that is approved by government authorities. You can avoid bad things by writing taxi number. You should not let yourself travel in India without bringing your cell phone. Cell phone is important thing that you must have.

Second, when you come to India, you must ensure yourself that you dress appropriately. Dressing right will help you to avoid bad things and in the same time you can respect India’s culture too with your right dress. You can also dress like Indian’s woman. You will be safe when you wear Indian’s dress because you will not be considered as tourist. Tips to travel in India will make you easy enjoy all things in India.


Third, you need to know and practice basic safety precautions. It is important to avoid some of troubles. You should not choose travel in the night because it will make yourself in the bad condition. You can also keep in touch with Indian women. They will help you to give some tips and other things that you must do when you are in India. If you are offered with guide, you can choose female guide to help you when you travel in all places in India. When you can do some tips to travel in India above, you will be able to enjoy your holiday in India and you never need to worry with bad things that you will get. Saving important number such as taxi number, police number and hospital is good idea to avoid bad things.


Komodo Island: A Perfect Exotic Vacation Destination You Have to Choose Next

If you are now planning for your next exotic vacation, there is actually an island that is included in the area of Indonesia that you choose as your next destination. The name of the island is Komodo Island. The name of this island is given because of the fact that it is also the natural habitat of Komodo, which is also known as Komodo dragon, a species of lizard in a very large size, which is also known to be an-almost-extinct-animal. This reptile is not only almost extinct but it is actually also an ancient species that can still be found on earth right now. That is why when you visit this island, you may not forget to visit the national park because you can see the Komodo directly there. There is no need to worry because there will be guide that will always accompany you in seeing Komodo.


Spending an exotic vacation in Komodo Island is not only interested because of the fact that you can get more knowledge about Komodo and see this species directly. This island is also well-known because of the fascinating beauty of its beaches. These are not only adorned with white sands but also the breathtaking view of the blue ocean in which some mountains and small islands can be seen. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty perfectly, it is so much better for you to visit the island in summer time. This way, you can enjoy the heat and of course the beauty views from the island freely without having to get wet because of rain.


Talking about beach, there is in fact a really interesting beach that you may not forget to visit when you are in an exotic vacation in Komodo Island. The beach is more popular to be called as the Pink Beach because the sand that can be found in that area is not black or white in color but pink. In all over the world, there are only few pink beaches that can be found and it is one of them. Therefore you may not forget visiting it when you are in Komodo. There, you will not only be able to spend some romantic time walking of the seashore but you can also do some water activities. One of the best is snorkeling that can be done perfectly in the really clear sea water that this beach has.


3 Exotic Locations You Have to Visit for Wonderful Vacation

Vacation is what people need to recharge their energy after busy working days. There are many places people can visit for vacation. Commonly, people like to visit some unique places which provides rich and different culture from their own, delicious foods, nice weather, awesome nature scenery, and plenty beautiful tourism destination. People like to visit what they call exotic destination for vacation. If you want too, we have 3 recommended exotic locations you have to visit.

The first exotic location is Bali. Bali is a world-wide famous tourism destination where people around the world love to visit. Bali is actually a small island which is located in Indonesia. Bali has a lot of beaches compiled with nice weather where people can enjoy sun bathing in daylight and having party at night. People love visiting Bali due to its rich culture and exotic places to explore.


The second exotic destination for vacation is Maldives. Maldives are a colony of islands which are located in southwest of Sri Lanka. Maldives have a lot of exotic spots around the island. Besides, people mostly call these islands as Mecca for divers. It is because Maldives have plenty diving spots where people can see amazing and exotic sea creatures, such as sharks, whale sharks, Manta rays, turtles, and many more. The weather is very nice and warm, so that it is proper for everyone to have a lot of outdoor activities both day and night. The third exotic location is Santorini. Santorini is located in the edge of Greece Island. This location is considered one of the most favorite escapes around the world. Santorini offers romantic to exotic vacation for everyone. This exotic island also provides one of the best sunsets every single day, when the weather is perfect. There are plenty beaches to visit and exotic city tours to enjoy.


Visiting exotic destination for vacation can be a great choice for your next holiday. By doing so, you will get unique feeling and sensation you have never got before. Commonly, the best exotic destinations on earth provide very nice weather and plenty beautiful spots to explore.


Vacation Rentals for Nice Holiday

Do you have a plan for a nice holiday? If yes, you should check this one. Having a holiday can be the best solution for you to get relaxation after the very full and busy activities that can make your feel stress, tired and bored. Then, when you really want to spend some days as holiday with family or friends, you should make sure which tourist area that you want to visit. After you get a nice place to visit, you also should check it with your budget and preparation. In case you want to go to a beach or a river for rafting, then you need to rent the tools that you need in the vacation rentals shop. Usually, the rentals shop is existed in many tourist areas such as beach, mountain, river, swimming pool, and many others.

When you and your friend want to go to a beach to surfing, then you need the surf board right? If you do not have any, then you can rent it in the rentals shop. Instead of buy, you can rent it for a day that usually the price is cheaper. Beside of renting the surf board, you can also rent for some tools such as float, swim glasses, beach games, and many others. For you who want to go to a river for rafting, you can also rent the float jacket, rubber boat, helmet, oars, and many other rafting tools in the vacation rentals shop. Usually you will get those things in one package that will support your rafting and also be the safety tools. Rafting can be so interesting since you need a good teamwork with your friend in order to make the boat follows the flow perfectly. Beside, by having a good teamwork, your rubber boat will not get flip over so that you all will be safe and happy.


And for you who want to go to a mountain and having a mount climbing, you need some tools such as rope, compass, tent, sleeping bag, torch, and many other things. Since having a mount climbing could be dangerous, you should prepare yourself and your tools better in order not to get lost or separated with your friends. If you do not have those mount climbing tools, then you can rent it in the vacation rentals shop with varied prices. However, as this is a kind of holiday, you should prepare your budget to rent the best tools to make you safe up to the top of the mountain.