How to Visit and Enjoy Travel to Komodo Island, Indonesia

Do you have a plan to visit Indonesia? There will be some tourism places that you can visit. You are free to choose whether you like to enjoy nature, history, culinary, shopping and some other things. If you come to Indonesia, you better visit one of seven wonders in the world, Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Today there are so many people come to Indonesia because they want to see Komodo dragon directly. Although Komodo Island is famous because of the Komodo, you still can do some other activities and you can see more things in this place. This place is wonderful place because you can see the amazing underwater life, no pollution and some other things. Before you come to Komodo Island, you better know some tips to visit and enjoy travel to Komodo Island here.

First you need to know where to stay when you are in Komodo Island.  There are some places to stay and you can book hotel earlier because in high season, you will not get best hotel that you like when you book it late. You can choose high rate hotel or low rate hotel based on your budget. There are some people recommend you to stay in Gardena Hotel. Why people choose this hotel as best hotel? This hotel is simple and very cheap hotel. If you like expensive or luxury resort, you can choose to rent villa in Labuan Bajo.


Second when you like to visit and enjoy travel to Komodo Island, you must know what to do in this island. There are activities that you can do in this island. You can enjoy Komodo Island by going trekking in this island hills and also Kelimutu volcano mount. If you don’t like to go trekking, you can also see the wonderful Komodo dragon that you can’t find and see in some other countries. You can also see and explore more this island. You can take one day trip cruise to enjoy snorkeling that you want. After you know some activities to do in this island, you must know when the best time to come to this island too.


You will be able to visit and enjoy travel to Komodo Island when you come and visit in dry season or from April to December. If you like to come in rainy season or from January to March, it is okay too but you can’t enjoy some activities in rainy season. Now, you can prepare your backpack or luggage to visit Komodo Island soon.


Cruise Vacation Tips: Watch out for the Temptation of Buffet

One your first cruise vacation, you may not have clue about a lot of things. Maybe, you also do not know about the fact that buffet meal is the one that will get while you are the cruise for free or for some amount of money only. A buffet that is provided in a cruise ship for all passengers is no joke. Various types of delicacy will be there for you to enjoy. It is up to you to take as many foods as you want if you really want to.

Even it seems that buffet meal is something that can always perfect your everyday journey in the cruise vacation there is in fact one thing that you have to remember. The thing is no other else but that you may not forget to watch out for the temptation of buffet. A week traveling in a cruise ship and also some destinations that it take you to can possibly add you more pounds if you do not pay attention to what you eat there. A fun cruise traveling does not mean that you can really have fun and lose control in enjoying the buffet of foods provided for you there.

As suggestion, whenever you are about to have a buffet meal, you should not take too many foods. It will be much better for you to take an amount of food that is enough to make you feel full but not too full. Other than that, you may not forget also to put some healthy food in each of your meal. This will not only avoid you from gaining too much weight in the end of the cruise, but will also be very helpful for you to stay healthy during the cruise. Staying healthy like this is in fact something that will make you to be able to get the best experience in your very first cruise vacation.


Check Travel Tips to Visit Baluran National Park, East Java

All people like to visit new place because they like to see new and learn about new things. For all of you who often travel to best shopping venues in the world such as in Singapore or in other places in Europe, it is good for you to try challenging holiday. You can close to the nature and enjoy nature in unique way. You who are living Indonesia never need to visit Africa to see the similar view in Africa. You just need to go to Baluran National Park and then you can see stunning view that you never expect before. It is good for you to know more about this park first before you go to this place.

What is Baluran National Park? It is a name of natural preservation that you can visit in East Java. This national park occupies more than 27,000 hectares and you will not only see land but you can enjoy the stunning view of sea. This conservation area is completed with natural savanna desert. That is why you never need to go to Africa or other countries to see savanna. In East Java you can find Savanna too. This national park not only offers you with stunning view of savanna but you can see seasonal forest, mountain forest, mangrove forest, beach forest, and some other things. Most tourists who come to this place like to see the perfect view of non active mount, Baluran. It is 1,247 meters high of mountain. What you can see and do in this national park?


There are some attractions that you can see in this national park. You can watch wild buffels when they are drinking and also bathing. It will become once in your life experience. You can also see wild bulls, antelopes, and also deer closer. You still can see panthers, wild boars, wild cat, komodos, and also lots of species of birds such as peacocks, jungle fowls, and also uli-uli. You who like to introduce your kid to new and challenging holiday must bring them to this national park too.


This national park is near with Ijen crater, next interesting destination to visit. When the best time to visit Baluran National Park? You better visit this national park in between March to August but if you like to see fight between deer, you can come in July. You can reach national park from Surabaya and it takes 6 hours.


The Ease in Camping by Using Camper Vehicle

Vehicle-for-CampingFrom time to time, camping is known to be one of the very good options for people to spend their holidays of weekend. Do you know that at this point of time, camping can be done even easier in the quite high level of comfort? It means that you should not face various types of difficulties in camping. This kind of thing of so possible for you to obtain at this point of time because there are more and more options of camper vehicle can be chosen. In wimple words, this can be said to be a type of vehicle that is purposely designed to fulfill the need of people who love to travel a lot and camp in many sites.

Camper vehicle offers you the ease in camping because it is usually completed with various camping features in it. The most basic one is no other else but the feature that allows you to sleep comfortably just like the comfortable sleep that people get in a tent they build. The difference is that in the vehicle, there are quite various types of place-to-sleep feature in this kind of vehicle. Some of the examples are; folded tent on the roof of the vehicle, separated caravan, or an interior car design that can be changed into a comfortable place to sleep while camping.

Other best thing that you have to know about camper vehicle is that it is not only completed with feature that will make you to be able to sleep comfortably. Instead, it is also completed with other features that will make you feel like you actually have a house that you can take to everywhere you want to camp. Let us say that there is a complete cooking appliance set that enables you to cook comfortably. This feature also enables you to bring and keep any cooking ingredients that you want. Besides all of the previous best things about there is in fact one other thing that makes the vehicle to be a perfect choice for you to think about, especially if you have a really big interest in camping. The best thing is that you will be able to reach your camping spot easily, no matter where the spot is. Moreover, you also go there without having to bring all stuff you need in camping with your own hands that is of course so tiring. So, when you are about to purchase a new ride. This vehicle is really an awesome choice that you have to think about.