Types of Travel Indonesia Tourism

Travel Indonesia has many types of tourism with extraordinary natural beauty. You can visit Indonesian tourist attractions such as beaches, parks, forests, seas, mountains, museums, lakes, and so on. Because Indonesia has a variety of cultures that exist in each region, so this makes Indonesia widely known both domestically and abroad.

Types of Travel Indonesia Tourism

There are several types of Indonesian travel tours that you can know if you want to know more about Indonesia. The following are the types of travel Indonesia tours, namely:

Maritime tourism

Maritime tourism

Marine tourism can also be called marine tourism or water tourism. This tour is also related to sports performed in water, such as on beaches, lakes, bays. For activities that are usually carried out during marine tourism, such as fishing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, rowing competitions, and underwater shooting.

Cultural tourism in Indonesia

Doing cultural tourism also aims to be able to add insight and change one’s outlook on life. In cultural tourism, especially abroad, so that they can see the way people live in that country, learn about their customs, arts, and culture.

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Agricultural tourism

Agricultural tourism is a tour that goes to agricultural locations, by seeing nurseries in rice fields and plantations. Usually done in the framework of a study or it could be just a walk to enjoy the green of plants and fresh air. with that, your eyes will be refreshed by the sight of fresh and colorful vegetables, seeing various vegetable seeds, and also being able to go on an adventure in the cool plantation.

Fast traveling

This hunting tour can be done in countries that have forest areas that can be used as hunting grounds. Certainly not hunting carelessly and need to follow the regulations from the government regarding the boundaries of hunting areas and also for what types of animals can be hunted. In Indonesia, the government has opened a hunting tourism spot in the East Java region, precisely in Baluran.

Pilgrimage tours

Pilgrimage tours

This type of tourism is related to history, customs, and also the beliefs held by the surrounding community. Mostly done by groups rather than individuals. The goal is to go to a holy place, eat people who are considered sacred or holy or graves of great people, burials of famous figures, sacred hills and mountains full of legends, and so on.

Nature reserve tours

This tour is also known as conservation tourism because it is done by visiting protected parks, nature reserves, and areas whose sustainability has been protected by law. Most nature lovers do this tour. If you like to take photos or take pictures, then this is very suitable for doing tours like this.

Travel convention tours

This convention tour is closely related to politics. For example, buildings where deliberations, trials, and meetings are held nationally or internationally. Examples include the international congress center in Berlin, the Senayan Building in Jakarta, or the International Convention Center in the Philippines.

For those of you who want to go on a tour of Indonesia, you can choose various types of tourist attractions that can add experience and insight with a variety of tourist attractions.


Travel Indonesia Places

Travel Indonesia that you need to explore to add to the experience of your life, with extraordinary natural beauty ranging from mountains to beautiful underwater riches. Indonesia has many tourist attractions that you should not miss, besides the abundant natural wealth, Indonesian culture is also very diverse.

Travel Indonesia Places

There are several travel destinations that you can visit so that you can add insight and experience the natural beauty that is very beautiful and interesting and must be visited. The following are tourist attractions for travel Indonesia, namely:

Komodo Island

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the tourist areas in East Nusa Tenggara that you have to visit. In 1986, UNESCO designated this tourist spot as a world heritage site. This island, which is the habitat of the Komodo dragon, must be protected and made into the ranks of the seven natural wonders in the world of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011.

The king of Ampat

This is one of the prima donnas of the most superior in the world of Indonesian tourism. Its natural beauty has made this tourist area widely recognized, both by domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat is a collection of islands located at the tip of Papua. There are four main islands here, namely Batanta, Misool, Salawati, and Waigeo. The underwater wealth of Raja Ampat is no longer in doubt.

Bunaken marine park

Bunaken Marine Park has become one of the tourist attractions that was again designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2005. This is due to the richness and diversity of beautiful marine life, ranging from seaweed, coral reefs, to various species of fish. This tourist spot has more than 30 dive points that are a favorite of domestic or foreign divers.

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Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world, was successfully included in the ranks of world heritage sites in 1991 by UNESCO. Located in the city of Magelang, Borobudur Temple was built during the reign of the Syailendra dynasty. Its location on top of high hills has gone through a development process that takes from 75 to 100 years.

Dieng plateau

Dieng Plateau is one of the Dieng highlands which is flanked by two districts, namely the Wonosobo Regency and Banjarnegara Regency. Dieng tourist objects are always crowded with tourists, both local and foreign. Located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, this tourist attraction is a caldera surrounded by an active volcano.

Mount Bromo

Turning to East Java, there is one tourist destination that you need to visit while on vacation. Mount Bromo, one of the active volcanoes, is located at an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level. This mountain has become one of the proud destinations for East Java residents with its exotic volcanic mountain views.

Tana Toraja

Crossing to Makassar, South Sulawesi, there is Tana Toraja, which is one of Indonesia’s well-known tourist destinations around the world. Tana Toraja itself is known for its people who still adhere to rules, beliefs, and rituals. Tana Toraja does have extraordinary natural beauty, starting from the mountains, green hills, and ancestral culture which is still preserved until now.

For those of you who want to travel to Indonesia, maybe some of the tourist attractions above can be one of the must-visit tours because they have extraordinary natural beauty.

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Travel Planning 101

Travel planning – Going on a good out-of-town vacation can be quite challenging especially if you are planning it privately. You have to search for the location, publication and hotel and organize your current itinerary. Affordability is also something of concern. For most people, travel planning is not a basic thing to do, in case you know the fundamentals then the relaxation will be simple. Several components such as objective, place, finances and time is you need to know to help you get started in your own travel planning.

Travel planning

Purpose – That is quite vital that you discuss with oneself and your travel good friend. Of course this is a given that the primary objective of the vacation is peace, but as easy as it is, all of us as travelers always wish to add a handful of small specifics. For example, do you need to go swimming? Possibly try on brand-new water sports? Alternatively, maybe you desire to escape snappy streets and use a hike anywhere? Or rather, you want sight-seeing and spending time inside a foreign position or in addition to this experience a fresh kind of journey, perhaps zip-lining, wall structure climbing, biking, etc.

Something else, events like wedding, escape to Paris, anniversary get together, family vacation, and family members reunion or perhaps probably a vacation with your pals also count number as a goal, so do think about those particulars. Now why do important to be aware of purpose? Figuring out can help you decide on your desired destination and itinerary. Choosing the destination is really a lot simpler in case you already have a concept on what you should do from the start.

Spot – A wise visitor always will his own investigation first. Realizing a few things relating to your travel destination will help you familiarize with the entire place. With me, before choosing virtually any destination, It’s my job to ask me personally a few things including: “Is there something interesting to do the following?” or even, “Can I manage to go on this specific trip” or “Do they have got any type of advertisements or unique packages? Inch these concerns can make suggestions in your study. For starters, you should check out various web sites that contain specifics of your prospective client destination. And if you are at it, look at their hotel rates or perhaps any unique promos. Looking into would virtually save you occasion and money. Achieving this could probably free you from finding yourself with a distressing vacation.

Another important thing to recollect, in choosing a new travel destination usually consider the travel buddies. As an example, choose a lot more child helpful location should you be planning on delivering kids with a person. Furthermore, I propose to try looking for vacation packages on-line or by way of a travel agent, particularly when you’re planning for some time vacation since purchasing one can be rather convenient.

Spending budget – Estimating the entire budget necessary for any kind of out-of-town excursion depends on numerous things such as the location, duration of the particular trip, amount of people going on this specific trip and the way of holiday accommodation. For example, are you going to be staying on a tight budget or perhaps have a luxurious vacation? Once you’ve settled this, then great job! You now have approximately budget reduce. All that is certainly left to complete is to match it up calculated total your projected expense and in case everything suits smoothly you then got your vacation else, it’s possible to start again.

Occasion – For me, here is the most crucial portion of travel planning, especially if you’re busy form of person. Discovering the right time when you should spend your current vacation can be quite difficult, unless of course in case you have a good inventory of vacation simply leaves. This issue is also crucial in determining what sort of activity can be obtained to you. Understand that there is always might know about call the seasonal vacation. By way of example, spending the summer vacation means spending considerable time on the beach front while a new winter vacation will mean skiing in high altitude or touring tropical nations around the world to avoid the particular cold environment. Furthermore, travel times are very important if you’re planning to acquire special promotions and packages. Even so, if you can manage it, it is suggested to avoid going during the high season. Thanks for reading Travel planning.